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When we started, we did not know where we will go... Now we not only know where we stand and who we are, but we know that there are no limits when there is hard work and a good team!


We know how to invest.

We started years ago following the idea of creating and building something innovative and modern. Soon after that we realized that we were amazed by the emerging Internet technologies and started our first project together. Then came the mobile era and we simply followed our intuitions and it followed us to our second success. Now we are focused and investing our time in building even bigger structure. Our best achievement is that we brought together great ideas and strong team. We invest in smart people who can bring other people fun and knowledge.

Now Zariba is a well-established and loved mobile and web game developer with more than 10 years of experience in the global market for mobile and web entertainment.

We have years of field experience promoting mobile apps and making them both popular and profitable. Our applications reach millions of users from around the globe every day. Some of our top games have achieved the highest category (and overall) rankings as well as top grossing status in tier 1 countries.


The place where you can meet the faces behind Zariba.


Radostin Petrov is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of number of companies with more than 20 years of investment and project management experience in the IT field. In March 2002, he established BERS JSC - outsourcing service firm that worked for Group Technologies. The company focuses on the development of a compound multi-platform solution for management of electronic communication and a web application, dedicated to use the Xpages technology.
In January 2004, he established Pi Consult Ltd. - business that had more than 70 people staff. It was an outsourcing company, dedicated to offer high quality solutions for managing corporate marketing resources. The project was sold to German company Brandmaker GmbH.
In 2005, he established and successfully launched – an e-Commerce Company.
In 2006, Radostin established Ocean Solutions Ltd. - an outsourcing company located in Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 40 people staff and dedicated to offer innovative online commerce solutions and multi-channel selling. The project was sold to the German company Intershop.
In 2007, he and Galin Dinkov established Zariba Ltd. In the beginning they have been an outsourcing company that worked for Disney.
Since then Radostin keeps working and establishing various businesses – Waphoo JSC, App Chef JSC, Casualino JSC, Zariba Games, Fractal Games, Zariba Game Academy.
Radostin studied in the University of Bochum, Germany and currently resides in Mallorca, Spain.


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